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"The Attico" Heels Low Cost Version

The Attico heels have become a powerful influence in 2021. As everyone knows by now, this brand is characterized by its elegant style and flashy designs.

What we love about The Attico's shoes is how cool they can dress up any look.

Here is what we mean with it:

As previously stated, these heels are sexy, extravagant, and elegant. Indeed, they can help any gal feel confident, and goddess and now the wall that separated women like you and me from the $600 shoes got derived by the fast fashion with brands like Zara and Princess Polly.

However… like any other gal of the 21st century knows, fairy tales are not real. Yes, women can now feel sexy and elegant for a meager price but for what price? What I am trying to say here is that maybe middle-high class women do not have to pay the $600 pair of shoes, now we pay $50, which means that there are $550 left that low income and third world countries are paying the rest of your purchase with Hunter, human trafficking, and child labor.

As I said, fairytales do not exist, but for those that what these new It Girl shoes, here are some references:

THE ATTICO -690€ ZARA - 49,95€

THE ATTICO - 590€ AMAZON - 49,99-55,99€

THE ATTICO - 590€ ZARA - 29,95€

THE ATTICO - 590€ ZARA - 29,95€