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Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Updated: May 6, 2021


Mother's day is just around the corner, which means it is time to show extra love and appreciation to all mothers. But, it is understandable that due to circumstances, not everyone has the time to plan the perfect mother's day gift a week or two in advance. That is why here are some inspirational gift ideas that you can recreate and make mother's day a little bit more special.

1.) A "MOM" necklace.

Yes, sometimes the little details like a necklace can make a big difference, and the best part of it is that there are many ways in which can be accommodated to everyone's budget.

Go to an arts and crafts store or a "Taller" and get just three letters and a string. That's it! Of course, depending on your mother's taste, you can use gold or silver materials with a nice chain. You can alter that by exchanging the chain for a leather string to make it more chic and summery vibes. Lastly, you can go "full-on" on this trend of necklaces with plastic letter beads a colorful strings.

For those that want to go more subtle, you can always add just the initials since the point is to make it unique and personal.

And of course, not everyone is a handyman ready to make a necklace for your mother. Thus, there is always an option to buy it online or at a store nearby. Let's be honest; Amazon is always a savior, but there are always some other options that could also interest you since supporting small businesses is also one of the best options. FTPview has recollected some of its favorite jewelry brands with unique and trendy items, such as "Ale y Ole" and "ByNouck."

Our favorite:

From Leia necklace:

From ByNouck:

Other inspirations:

2.) Self-care items are always a good gift.

Like any other woman, we love self-care in our lives. We enjoy good creams, a spa day, or a good perfume. In these sections, there are many options that no one can not go wrong with. We could even say that it would be the "safety net" of all last-minute gifts. This trick could be used for Christmas, Birthdays, or even for Valentine's day.

For example, a good perfume or even your mother's favorite perfume is always a good fit. When was the last time that you bought yourself perfume? Exactly, it is something that everyone uses daily, but no one wants to buy it. That is why everyone wins: you get your mother her favorite perfume that she will never purchase, and you will always have a backup gift for every occasion.

Another self-care gift could be a spa day or just a massage. Let's be honest, who does not like to feel like a million dollars? Obviously, this gift could be kind of pricy compared to the rest of the gifts, but most likely, your mom will be extra happy for a couple of weeks, and who does not love that?

Our favorite:

From Coco Chanel:

From YSL Opium:

From Loewe Aura:

3.) Cook something yummy.

Not everything needs to be materialistic; it can be more like an experience. If you like to cook, feel creative, or just on a very tight budget cooking a meal or even dessert for your mother on this special day could make her extra loved. Be creative and fun since you can cook her favorite meal or bake cookies that would make that day extra sweet. Furthermore, you can always order food from your mom's favorite restaurant for those who are lazy.

4.) Summer is coming; thus, she needs an update.

Since summer is just right around the corner, it would be an excellent opportunity to update her. Get her a new beach bag or a new cover-up for the beach. This 2021, the straw bags are coming back more vital than ever. It could be the perfect time to get her the new and iconic bag of the summer before anyone else. Go to Zara, local stores, or even more high-end brands like Prada or Jaquemuse if you feel extra fancy.

Another type of bag that will come to enjoy the summer is knitting bags. Knitting bags will be a statement for young and older generations. It will become an everyday bag that will join us every summer moment. Thus, these two bags could be the perfect fit as a mother's day gift that you will enjoy many times in the future.

Our Favorites:

From Real Fabrica Española:

From Violeta by Mango: