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Jueves con Fefa (Thursdays with Fefa)

Two young girls from Barcelona jump into the world of #podcasting and honor their grandmother with the name of their Podcast.

Twenty-something Leticia and Olivia are two cousins from Barcelona with a special interest in the world of fashion and luxury. They move in a sophisticated environment and consider themselves two very lucky girls to have each other.

Olivia has decided to direct her career to a field focused on social integration and psychology. She spent last summer in Australia, a trip she started on her own as a personal challenge.

Leticia, on the other hand, is dedicated to a more creative branch; marketing, advertising and public relations. She is also trained in fashion styling and image consulting.

Their bond has been strong since they were little: they spent summers at their grandmother's house, slept together on weekends, went to Justin Bieber's first concert when they were just 9 years old, and even lived in the same building for a while.

Leticia and Olivia have been meeting every Thursday for several years at her grandmother's house to eat and enjoy some delicious desserts, and when they finish, they have coffee on the quiet and private terrace while they share the latest news and "gossip" of their week.

Their passion for fashion, talks and good company has led them to launch into the world of podcasting, sharing their fun conversations every Thursday with all those who want to listen to them. In these chats they tell their experiences, give ideas, share their favorite brands, etc.

¿Who is Fefa?

Her grandmother, Fefa, is the granddaughter of the prestigious architect Enrique Sagnier and is considered one of the most elegant women in Barcelona. Leticia and Olivia wanted to honor her in some way since it all stems from Thursdays eating at "grandma Fefa's" house, and what better way than naming their podcast "Los Jueves Con Fefa" (Thursdays with Fefa).

The noted Fefa has not appeared in any episode to date, but Leticia and Olivia do not deny that she may appear someday.

Both have shared many unique moments with their grandmother, in addition to Thursday meals. They remember with special fondness a trip they took to Formentera "we went to Beso Beach with grandma, you don't know how much fun!" Fefa is an example for her granddaughters and they enjoy every moment they share together.

The next season premieres this February, a season that counts with guests who surely have a lot to contribute... And who knows, maybe Fefa!

You can listen to "Jueves Con Fefa" on Spotify, Amazon Music, Samsung Podcast and Listen Notes.

Here is the direct link to Spotify.

We are looking forward to February to hear what Leticia and Olivia are preparing for the second season of "Jueves con Fefa".

Contact information


Instagram: @juevesconfefa

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