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Are Corsets Back?

Updated: May 6, 2021

by From a Tiny Point of View


When we thought the fashion industry could not revive any old trend, in 2020-2020, they have introduced the Corsets as the newest lingerie trend. YES, corsets are coming back more vital than ever, and I know what you may be thinking; "corsets suppress women." Maybe in the late 19th century, but now, it would and simply be seen as another fashion trend that you may or may not follow.

And here is a cliché, Chanel was the fashion brand that freed women from the tyranny of Victorian corsetry, borrowing liberally from men's garments to do so. However, now, the same designer firm is introducing fashionable and chic corsets in their new collections.

This new obsession with corsets started initially in 2019 when famous people like Bella Hadid, Kyle Jenner, or Rihanna wore corsets on red carpets and events. That same year, many brands such as Burberry, Dior, Etro showed their unique corset pieces on their runways. By doing so, they initiated a solidification of potential modern fashion history.

Followed after, many brands started to add corsets in their collections, for example, Gucci and Fenti.

Now, corsets have surpassed the runways in all shapes and forms. Low-cost companies have introduced corsets into a humble fashion item.

Consequently, celebrities like Hailey Biber and Charlie Damelio have introduced corsets into their everyday outfits and as a staple of their wardrobes. Because of them, it has become a sexy and unique piece in my closet.

How to Style corsets

For those that are interested in trying this new trend but do not know how to style it, there are some celebrities that could help you to get inspired.

Hailey Bieber

She can be a good inspiration for those who want to introduce corsets into a more casual look. She always pairs a corset with a baggie blazer and relaxed jeans. If you are into her style, you should check the Instagram of her personal stylist @Stylememeaeve.

Bella Hadid

Hadid is also an icon of corsets. She just does not wear them on red carpets but also in her everyday life.

Brands that Have Cute Corsets

Since it is a powerful trend, many brands already have corsets on their websites and stores.

Urban Outfitters, Are You am I, Zara, Zalando, Aritzia, and Miss Guided are some brands in which you can find cute and sexy corsets.

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